Relaxing in the woods – a 360 video project

Our latest project has been working with Bournemouth University on a project to investigate if experiencing virtual environments can help children with itchy eczema to relax and get to sleep. We all know that persistent itching is maddening, and finding a way to distract sufferers from the itching so that its impact is lessened can really help them to cope. The project is looking at a number of different virtual experiences and asking children their views about the effectiveness of their virtual experiences. Virtual Heritage Ltd has created the woodland ‘chillout’ 360 video element, and you can see it below. If you have a smart phone and a Google Cardboard headset, or have access to an Oculus Quest headset, you can experience the full immersive video at YouTube. The window below enables you to pull the image around to see it in 360 degrees, but doesn’t give you the full experience – you need to get your head inside it to fully get the effect!

If you’re interested in the project you can read about it further, and indeed take part if you have children who suffer from itchy eczema, on Professor Debbie Holley’s blog. The project is running over June/July 2021, so please do check Prof Holley’s blog for specific details.

Just a few technical notes if you’re into that kind of thing! The video was shot on a Ricoh Theta S2 360 camera in 4K definition. The editing and addition of layered soundtracks was done in Camtasia, both from captured sound at the time of recording, narrated sound files, and music/effects purchased royalty-free from Enlightened Audio. If you would like to talk to us about producing a 360 video for your heritage site or archaeological dig, just drop us a line on

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