The team

Professor Liz Falconer – Director

After more than 30 years working in Higher Education in the UK, Liz is now a consultant in the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in heritage and archaeology, with a particular emphasis on the enhancement of public understanding of ancient sites. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Archaeology from Cambridge University, is an Emerita Professor in Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, and a Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Archaeology and Anthropology at Bournemouth University. Liz is an experienced user and developer of learning technologies, with particular research interests and practitioner expertise in 3D virtual reality, virtual worlds, augmented reality, video and machinima, and the affordances these technologies offer for a wide range of simulations, role plays and educational experiences. She has led a UK Research Council project on simulating ancient sites using VR (Virtual Avebury) and a Master’s programme in education entirely in a virtual world, as well as leading and taking part in a range of funded projects in virtual world environments and publishing extensively in the field of virtual technologies in education and archaeology. Liz is also an experienced departmental manager in industry and HE and has managed many funded and unfunded projects to successful completion. She is also a Chartered Manager and Member of the Chartered Management Institute. Above all though, Liz is fascinated by archaeology and history and the power of virtual technologies to bring the past to life. You can find out more about Liz on her LinkedIn page and on her staff profile page at UWE.


John Falconer – Director

John is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who began his career with Shell UK Ltd. He has worked in engineering software development for more than 30 years and for 12 years he ran his own software development company specialising in quantitative optimisation techniques for asset management. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from UCL, an MBA from the Open Business School and is a member of the Chartered Management Institute. John has particular expertise in the design and management of software development projects and working with clients to help them to achieve their goals through structured workshop discussions. He has operated as a Technical Authority in his field as a consultant maintenance engineer, including responsibility for mentoring younger engineers. John is an experienced flier of model aircraft and a keen amateur photographer. He is working towards acquiring CAA certification for commercial drone operators to enable Virtual Heritage Ltd to offer aerial video and photography services. You can find out more about John on his LinkedIn page.

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