Our partners

At Virtual Heritage we work with a range of exciting creative, heritage and archaeology specialists to deliver immersive technology experiences of heritage sites, from 360 video of sites today, through to simulations of the ancient past.

Daden is a small specialist consultancy researching and advising on immersive 3D and chatbot/conversational AI solutions for over a decade. Their focus is on how these technologies can help clients to  deliver better outcomes for their customers, their staff and their organisation. Daden are active in 3 main areas: immersive 3D/VR consulting, chatbots and conversational AI consulting and some bespoke developments for proof-of-concept and research purposes. They have frequently collaborated with universities, and much of their work has been published in peer-reviewed papers, at conferences, and as book chapters. We at Virtual Heritage have worked with Daden on many projects over the past 10 years, and we have a stimulating and creative relationship that we all enjoy.

SATSYMPH have over 10 years’ experience of designing virtual user-experiences for mobile media. These virtual experiences in the real world bring to life cultural-historical events and scenarios and/or overlay a geographical area with art, poetry and music. In particular, all Satsymph’s cultural-historical audioscapes’ are based on intensive research and strive for authenticity. They use dramatisations, re-imaginings and music to bring these scenarios to life. With a focus on story-telling, characterisation, sound and soundscapes, Satsymph brings a fascinating and engaging audio dimension to immersive experiences. Our work with Satsymph has led to some highly innovative and creative outcomes, and they are a joy to work with.

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC is a Community Interest Company who provide archaeological services and specialise in community archaeology, public involvement, training and research. Their mission is to create a new way of undertaking sustainable archaeological research in the 21st century. They also conduct archaeological research within the East Midlands which provides a genuine benefit to local communities, helping them to engage with, explore and understand their heritage. They also provide training and education, developing transferable skills useful across society and helping personal development and well-being. We have worked with Mercian for over 5 years at the King John’s Palace site in King’s Clipstone, Sherwood Forest, and have some exciting plans for virtual developments there.